Past and Forward specializes in brand and customer support for E-commerce businesses, that are just starting to promote their brand. With our proven sales, marketing and customer service support team, you as the brand owner can now concentrate all your effort, and energy where you most excel in and that is developing and innovating your products. We at Past and Forward have a solid customer service support team who are all experienced and professional. A great customer service team is what defines your brand among other brands. We make sure that no inquiry or email goes unanswered for more than 24 hours.


Brand Experience

Our presence in various social media platforms will give rise to a marketplace that you have never reached before. You are opening your brand to a whole new set of customers and audiences that only social media can.Our expert team of copywriters and graphic designers can whip up creative designs for your products and launch them online in as little time as possible so you don’t waste precious time and you can focus on what you do best, developing your product.

Customer Experience

Dedicated Support Agents
Your brand will have a team of agents ready to support your after sales support, new inquiries, shipping, and delivery inquiries, something that you can readily outsource to the experts. With our over 10 years of experience in customer support rest assured that we got everything covered for you. Irate customers? A piece of cake! We will handle them for you, no stress on your part at all.

Monitoring in Social Media Channels

We will monitor your brand’s reviews and reach out buyers who leave bad reviews and make sure that we understand where the issue is and forward this to you for appropriate action. We totally understand the need for good reviews in order to gain the trust of buyers.
Great customer service is an integral part of every business and customer satisfaction is our number one priority, your customers are our customers too!

Marketing Experience


Let us take away the manual and tedious work of listing your products in Amazon. Enticing photos coupled with the right description is a huge factor in sales and marketing. We have expert Amazon listers who are able to do this for you. Now you can sit back and relax and just watch your sales grow.


Make sure that your products are all in the right and different categories where it can get exposure. Customers can easily be swayed into buying your product when they are familiar with it, and if they can constantly see it thru their searches. We will not stop in just one category but make sure that we can think of other categories, sub categories your product will fall under for maximum exposure.

Past and Forward specializes in brand and customer support for E-Commerce business, that are just starting to promote their brand


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Our Goal

Our goal is simple, help you and your business grow at a constant rate in this ever-changing industry. If you have vision but doesn't know where to start. we are here to give you a hand and get you  to your success.

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